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Explosiveness, prudence and ingenuity. Using these three elements as a vehicle that characterizes its three creators, the idea of the Sky Premium Life® nutritional supplements line was born. Our common belief, that the current paragon of beauty is health, took us by the hand, fueled our passion and outlined our dream. 


Our team grew with dear friends and remarkable partners. Having as a background our pharmaceutical company, with facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki, we organized a product research and development department, staffed it with highly qualified personnel, secured all production certificates, and the first luxury nutritional supplement line became a reality.


Luxury for us is the high quality of raw materials and high production standards, based on strict pharmaceutical standards and GMP protocols, as well as the scientifically based selection of the right nutrients, in the right combination and in the right content. Luxury for us is our High-End packaging, which sprang from the Art Deco of the 1920s, an era characterized by euphoria and creativity.


We were inspired by our natural environment, the Mediterranean, by the respect for people and nature, by the sun and the sea that color our whole life. We have created unique formulas with vitamins and herbs that support specific health needs, along with a wide range of basic premium quality supplements, for general well-being and vigor.


Our journey has begun. Join us.


Quality assurance and environmental protection.


The quality control of each production is thorough to ensure that the product that will reach your hands is truly safe, of high quality and efficiency. During each new production, the products are subject to quality control at all stages of the production process. Only after the completion of all the detailed checks, the relevant certificate of analysis is issued, and the batch is released.


The production site of the factory meets the highest pharmaceutical standards (pharmaceutical grade) for both the machinery and the premises, as well as for procedures followed, while particularly significant investments have been made in the last 3 years in the laboratory and mechanical equipment.


At the same time, the luxurious dark glass bottle, which has been selected for the packaging of Sky Premium Life® products, helps to protect them from sunlight while the special closure on the lid and the outer thermal adhesive tape ensure protection from moisture.


With the aim of protecting the environment, the production unit uses specialized cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, special Hepa filters air purifiers, as well as sound insulation systems in the production areas. At the same time, the packaging of Sky Premium Life® products is recyclable.


With very fast growth rates, the company operates in many European countries, and has the potential for global distribution.

Sky Premium Life is owned by Cosmos Health Inc.

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